Dear Shihan, this was a memorable Gasshuku with a brilliant Instructor Sensei Nunes from Spain. Sensei taught us with great energy and humour and was so approachable to all ranks. We enjoyed thoroughly and thank you for your great efforts. We also enjoyed the Tea breaks and the snacks post the session.
Domo Arigato Gozaimasu.
Shihan and team.
-Shekar Bangera


Sensei Nunes took acute care to ensure that we learned the correct form, technique and logic behind each manoeuvre. His acute attention to detail, patience, and ability to break down each movement made it easy for anyone to learn. His terrific sense of humour and energy made it a lot of fun to learn from him. Sensei Mistry’s granular attention to detail, precision, and relaxed sense of humour (not to mention *incredible* tolerance for being kicked in the stomach) was deeply appreciated. Zee and Linya’s guidance, encouragement and support throughout each session created a very positive atmosphere and an extremely comfortable learning environment. It was a pleasure and honour to be present. Thank you
-Charmaine Mirza


Dear Sensei, first of all I would like to thank you once for this wonderful opportunity. I personally enjoyed the training with you and sensei Nunes. All the techniques have been explained in detail. I'm looking forward many more training sessions in the futures with your permission. Thank you so much for your great efforts sensei.
Thank you *IOGKF Team India*
-M. Vijayakumar


On the first day Nunes Sensei mentioned that he wished for a watch that runs slowly and if we actually did find one it would’ve added to the fun and delight that the camp was. Nunes Sensei made sure that we understood even the smallest aspects in his training. He taught us with so much fun and joy that it has become unforgettable. Sensei Nunes and Sensei Mistry shared their extensive and profound knowledge with us at the camp. At the end Sensei Mistry mentioned that this was the best camp we’ve had so far and i totally agree with him.
-Vipul Naik


I enjoyed all the 3 days training and learning many new things. The training was fun therefore I never felt tired. It was an amazing & unforgettable experience. I would love to attend many more sessions. I am really Thankful to Sensei Mistry and Sensei Nunes for teaching me. Also, to the other Senseis for training with me.
Vaanya Rao