About Sensei Pervez Mistry

About Sensei Pervez Mistry

In 1967, Sensei Pervez Mistry left for Kyoto Japan . In 1969 , he returned as the Pioneer and India’s first Black Belt Karate Instructor, qualified to teach and grade, Karate-do under the auspices of the “Seibukan” Academy of Japan.


In 1973, he captained India’s first Team at the 1st Asian Union of Karate-do Championships in Singapore, In 1975, he was India’s sole contestant at the World Championships in Los Angeles. In 1977, he was elected Technical Director of the ALL INDIA KARATE-DO FEDERATION, the formation of which was a direct result of his relentless efforts to promote and propagate and spread the art, science and sport of Karate in the country.


In 1979, he became the first Indian to pass the Japanese Instructor's course conducted by the Federation of All Japan Karate-do Organization, which places him in the ranks of the few qualified instructors of non-Japanese origin. In 1977, he joined Shihan Higaonna Chief Instructor of the International Okinawan Goju Ryu Karate Federation, and is now the Chief Instructor for India.


Sensei Mistry has graded a huge number of black belts, which include many women Being the pioneer of Karate in India, most of the Karate instructors in Bombay today, have passed through his training at some stage. Since 1973, he has been associated with the training of Palar-Military and Military forces of our country.


In August 2000, Sensei Mistry conducted a one Day Seminar, on the topic of Sanchin Kata, (breathing technique) and, one of the major forms of his style of Okinawan Goju Ryu Karate-do. This was the culmination of nearly two years of research study along with Dr. C. Vergheese and Dr. Doongaji at the K. E. M. Hospital, Bombay. This was the first time in India that such a seminar was conducted, and was attended by the major style heads and senior instructors from karate styles.