Karate in Schools

The Academy of Martial Arts India, has been teaching Kids Martial Arts in general and Karate in particular since its inception in 1964. Teaching Kids Karate has been a inspiring and rewarding experience and an equally frustrating one too. But in spite of the very few kids who continue to study Karate-do(way of life) into adult hood and make it to the 3rd. Degree Black Belt Level and beyond, for the Instructor it makes it all worthwhile. Our Academy is proud to say that today we are teaching two generations of Karate-kas.


Teaching Kids is not the same as teaching Adults. The most important aspect is that while adults come to Karate training of their own accord, children have no such option. While some join to keep up with their peers, most are pressured from their family and friends. Hence it is of vital importance for the Karate Instructor to inculcate his or her passion and imbibe it to their prospective protégées. Unlike adults, kids are in a constant state of growth and while this growth takes place in spurts from being kids to adolescents to teenagers and finally to adulthood the training should encourage their natural growth and not suppress it. Therefor certain techniques taught to adults should not be taught to kids. For example Knuckle push ups and body conditioning are not for children until they are 18 years and above.


At the Bombay International School and other Institutions our budding Karateka’s are taught exercises meant for their growing bodies and Karate techniques as well as life values for their exploring and curious minds. Our training teaches them to respect themselves their opponents, siblings and adults. It also teaches them to push themselves and develop a never say die attitude, with humility and pride in what they have achieved as they progress from white belt to the coveted Black belt a period covering normally 4 years or more. This is the way or “DO” of traditional Karate-do training.


For registration and enrollment, please contact:
Zeenat Mistry
+91 98201 16509