Sanchin Three Battles

Sanchin Three Battles

Sanchin Book By Pervez Mistry - Reviews

Dear Sensei Mistry,

I recently finished reading your excellent book on Sanchin kata and wanted to say thank you for the brilliant advice and guidance contained therein
I have found Goju Ryu and especially Sanchin life changing - in particular tapping in to the Ju concept to deal with stress and to break down complex tasks.
I hope to get a chance to discuss karate with you at some future stage and it was wonderful to meet you at the Budosai (thank you for signing my book and including your email address).
Have a great day Sensei.

James Fletcher,
(orange belt student of Sensei Joe Roses, Canberra Australia)

Sensei Mistry,

It was great meeting you at Okinawa. I was amongst the first ones who bought your book on Amazon, read it and also gave it as a gift to my Senseis.

Your book is amazing in many senses, tying the traditional martial arts to pathophysiology, all related to us in a very simple, yet complex way. Go and ju, represented by sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system, they way we are wired as humans and unlocked in medical schools.

I wish I could meet you some other day, where we can complement each other on different ways connecting the dots between traditional martial arts and modern medicine.

My very best, with deep respect,

Julia Adamian, MD, FACP, ABIHM
Associate Professor of Medicine,
Icahn School of Medicine, Mount Sinai Health System,
Medical Director, West Park Medical Group New York, NY, USA